Yangsum Village

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Yangsum Village Homestay, Rinchenpong, Sikkim, India
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The distance from Siliguri to Yangsum is about 125 kilometers, and the distance from Peling is 47 km. This is the ideal destination to spend two-three days vacation in this lonely village surrounded by beautiful Sikkim’s green blue Himalayas. Pine, oak and cedar samiana. Anabil Kanchanjunga. And known and unknown many colorful birds. There is no crowd of shop jute, no busyness, car smoke. It has changed the wonderful presence of Kanchanjunga on a cloudy day. There is walking on the mountain road in the shadow of greenery listening to the birds’ shouting. Soft carpet of green grass under the feet. The unknown wild flower blooming here and there is an unknown look. Yangsum made of love with the colorful herd of known and unknown birds is actually a magical dream name. 6500 feet high Risham Monstry is easily accessible on a small trek of an hour and a half through the pakdandi. If a little early in the dawn of this very old monastery, the rare experience of witnessing the soft affection of sun red light on the naked back of beautiful Kanchanjunga will be a lifetime companion. Poison Lake, Rabindra Smriti Bhavan can also be taken by short walk. The Lepcha Heritage House can be reached by two kilometers through the jungle. Mount Pandim is seen from Yangsum. A few hill fountains falling from Yangsum to Kaluk. A group of butterflies roaming around in the bush beside her. It can also be seen at Old Lepcha House, Dakbungalow of British rule. If you have 1 day more time in your hand, then you can go around in a dark day from here. Let’s go between the loneliness of the Himalayas and the mountainous simplicity crossing the boundaries of the city busyness.
(Nearby Sights)– Skywalk of Peeling, Chenridge Statue, Pemayensi Monastery, Kanchanjunga Falls, Rimbi Falls, Darap Village, Change Water Falls, Singsoor Bridge, Khechiperi Lake are almost visible from here. And if you have more time on your hands then you can explore some more sightseeing places like Chayatal Lake, Srijungha Temple, Water Garden, Orange Garden etc. But for those travel lovers who don’t like the racing of sitscene, this Yangsum will be the best address for those who just want to feel the solitude of nature.


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Yangsum Village


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