Rangarun Village

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Darjeeling, West Bengal, India
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A small hamlet surrounded by clouds, the distance of village from Siliguri is 90 kilometers and only 18 kilometers from Darjeeling to reach the place. The local name of this village is Rangarun at 6100 feet height. The path has been cut off the lap of the mountain. Clouds catch here. The pitch-tied mountain roads become blurred by the magic of the clouds coming down. The population is limited in this small village. Like a dream around. As it becomes the village under the Senchel sanctuary, come out in the early morning, you can see rare species of birds here Contains, eg- Oriental Turtle Dove, Red Vented Bullbull, Green Flame Back, etc. But the best time to watch birds is from January to March. Many paths can be walked in tea-garden, dense greenery all around, clouds will be surrounded by suddenly, will blurred all around. Go to the other side of the village to open the rust. The car does not go on foot, so the only hope is to walk in the tea garden, after the sun rises, the breakfast will be finished Get out on the way to open Rungdang. At the end of the road, you will see a wonderful mountain storm. After the evening, in the dark of the night with a small hamlet wrapped in the sky, hundreds of stars appear in the sky, Darjeeling city light from the roof is like hundreds of fireflies. Smoked momo or pokora. Rice-bread, pulses, vegetables, chicken for dinner If you want, they cook extraordinary pork and feed them. Cooking vegetables also come from the farm, so its taste will stick to the tongue. Can you say in one word, the nature lovers are heaven.


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Rangarun Village


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