Lungchok Village

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Village Administrative Center, Lungchok Salangdang (G.P.U. -58, BAC Daramdin West Sikkim), Salangdang - Rangvang Khola Road, Daramdin, Sikkim, India
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The distance from Siliguri to Lungchakh is about 85 km, and the distance from Kalimpong is 47 km. This is the ideal destination to spend two-three days vacation in this lonely village surrounded by beautiful Sikkim’s green blue Himalayas. There is no crowd of shop jute, no busyness, car smoke. It has changed the wonderful presence of Kanchanjunga on a cloudy day. There is walking on the mountain road in the shadow of greenery listening to the birds’ shouting. The rare experience of witnessing the soft affection of the sun’s red light on the back of beautiful Kanchanjungha will be a lifetime companion. Enough of Ichchha Gaon, Sileri Gaon, start your thoughts from offbeat from now. Traveling the Silk Root from this new offbeat village, you can cover the entire silk root. But there are many travelers who want to see Kanchanjunga once when they come to the mountain. Sipping a cup of tea or coffee in the homestead’s house is simply heavenly. When the light shines in the far away mountains at night, it seems like an unknown angel has lit the lamp on the night of Diwali. Early morning you can walk out for a morning walk along the village road with the fragrance of Himalayan orchids and flowers.
★Sights around — Q open falls, Rangli forest, Fadmchen, Zuluk, Thambi view point, Nathang valley, Elephant lake, Changu lake, Baba temple etc. can be visited. But for those travel lovers who don’t like the racing of sites, just want to feel the solitude of nature, this offbeat village would be the best address.


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Lungchok Village


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