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Darjeeling, West Bengal, India
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This Mirik is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Darjeeling hills in West Bengal. Hills, Bonbeethi and Jhil – with the union of these three, the tourist center has become a miracle. Mirik, one of the state’s oldest hill towns is unmatched in terms of beauty. The distance between the village from Siliguri is about 58 km. Which is in a word the kingdom of heaven to the nature lover. Mirik’s average height is 4905 feet from sea level. Mirik has become a tourist destination due to pleasant weather, natural beauty and accessibility. The main attraction here is Sumendu lake. Garden on one side of the lake, row of pine trees on the other. Rainbow bridge has added two parks. A 3 and a half km long road surrounds the lake. The beauty of Kanchanjunga can be enjoyed while walking here. You can also water the lake by boat. Riding a horse can also be traveled. The slope of high-low hills and the tea garden of Namjada Company on the slope of that hill. And in the winter season, if you look at this direction, you will see orange tree. Orange glow coming out of the trees! Sumendu lake is lying in the heart of the hill city. Long pine forest and its shadow come into the lake’s wandering water. Looks like I’m in an enchanted place. And this is what Mirik lives in Mirik. What a wonderful view! If you don’t see, you can’t believe how nature is changing its beauty-color-smell in its own thoughts. Sonarod of the afternoon walks on that holy peak of the body. The beautiful beauty of sunset will fill the mind. And the waves of velvet green tea garden on the hills are simply impeccable.


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