Chilapata Forest Resort

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Chilapata Forest, SH12A,Buxa Forest, West Bengal, India
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Chilapata jungle is like what is called as dense deep forest. It won’t be wrong to call Chilapata the deepest forest of all the Gangles in Doers. This jungle is not too crowded with tourists. Maybe that’s why primitiveness in the jungle is felt more. On the visit of Doars, everyone ran first to Gorumara, Jaldapara, Holong, Jayanti. Not many people are suddenly fought here in Chilapata Forest. This jungle trip of Doars is so pleasant, prime and wild. This Chilapata Forest is one of the largest forests of Doars. Long in his range. This chil leaf forest is on the banks of the river Torsa. There are also many small and big rivers in this Chil leaf forest. Kalachini, Buribsara and Benia rivers have flowed through the chest of Chilachala leaves. You can’t finish watching the deep forest of the chil leaves in one day with the wild smell of the soil. How big is this jungle. Even guides can’t end up turning everywhere. The number of tourists is also a lot less here. Another feature of Chilapata forest is the famous Ramgua tree. Blood flow comes out if you hit this tree. That tree is almost endangered now. The existence of that tree is in crisis due to smuggling. Another feature of the chil leaf rust is that it is the house of King Cobra snakes. The guides will tell that. So they always tell tourists to surrender. Primitive Chil leaf jungle is far more prime than any jungle in Doers.


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Chilapata Forest Resort


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